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Well, I'll take a crack at it.

I watched the movie, and I liked it, but the message I suppose could be a bit unclear. However, I took from it that the one person with a face was essentially up against society, depicted as the masked beings. No matter what the person with a face did, he couldn't change what was already there, ultimately saying that it is extremely hard, if not impossible for a single person to change society as a whole.

But, I could be wrong. Either way I liked it.

I love it.

Every time I watch one of your flashes, it just wows me. I have to say that all of your work is just so surreal and imaginative. Keep them coming, please. I always feel more at ease when I watch one of these.

Kinda...well, depressing...

To tell you the truth, it was sort of depressing. I mean this robot wanted feelings, and nothing else...and once he got them, he was -- I guess you could say afraid -- of these feelings. I think that there's a reflection on human culture there. In that feelings are just bad things, and when you have feelings, the only -- well, predominant one is depression.

I don't know -- the message just seemed discouraging. As heartfelt as it may have been, it was just discouraging.

BlackmarketKraig responds:

I apologize if it made you feel depressed and/or discouraged.

I guess the message, discouraging as it may be is, is more or less my what my experience with life has been, and those are the tools I have to work with.

Thanks for the good score and for giving a thoughtful review!

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Freakin' Awesome!

By far my new favorite flash game. Fast paced, and everything. It has everything. I love it.


That game is really addicitve, and very reminiscent of fishy, but I like it better. All the music is awesome too, I love it all. Too bad there aren't any credits for the music. I'd really like to know all of what you put in there.

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I loved this song...I'm such a fan of this sort of music. It's so atmospheric and relaxing. Keep on making songs man, this was a beautiful track, and I would absolutely love to hear more.

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